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We provide all services relating to your patent portfolio. We assist you in obtaining an optimum patent protection. We also investigate the potential opportunities for grant of a patent.

Protection of your inventions

Novopatent IP is an independent Dutch boutique patent office assisting you in protection of your inventions. Our services comprise drafting and filing patent applications as well as all advice and research into the patentability of your inventions. However, protection extends to further areas, like licensing, oppositions and infringement cases, as well as validations of European patents. We also assist you in these areas.

Dutch, European and international (PCT) patent applications are filed directly by our patent attorney. In respect of foreign patent applications we have a large network of expert agents representing you before the relevant national patent offices.


We have specialized in mechanical engineering, construction engineering, civil engineering, process technology and chemistry.

In all areas of patent law we are pleased to assist you in licensing negotiations, oppositions and infringement cases, and validations of European patents.

Our clients

Among our clients are both companies (SMEs and multinationals) and private inventors. Both are effectively helped with Novopatent IP with the personal attention required for the protection of an invention.

Complete confidentiality is ensured

We are member of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys (the “Orde van Octrooigemachtigden”) as well as member of the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (the “epi”). This means, among other things, that you are always assured of complete confidentiality about your invention. For, a registered and sworn patent attorney is kept bound by confidentiality.

Free consult

Do you have any questions after reading the information on our website? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

A first consult to discuss your invention and to check the ability to protect your invention is always free!

Why Novopatent IP?

Being a relatively small agency, we can give you the immediate attention needed to make the process of drafting a patent application a success. Due to direct contact, we can act quickly and at the same time protect your invention with attention. In addition, the experience and knowledge of a sworn Dutch and European patent attorney are accompanied by a favorable rate.

Over 100 clients

preceded you and have successfully filed a patent application.

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